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Contacted By Police Or Under Investigation

Under Investigation or Contacted by Police?

If you have been contacted by police in the Los Angeles metro or surrounding area — even if you are certain you have done nothing wrong — we urge you to call our law offices before talking to them. Whether the cops called on the phone, left a card in your door, or visited your workplace, trusting their motives can be a huge mistake.

Unfortunately, people throughout California make that mistake every day — and many seriously regret it. Officers are focused on closing cases, from hit-and-run accidents to sex crimes, sometimes at the expense of citizens’ rights. Your best move to avoid being unjustly charged incriminating yourself or any other nightmare scenario is to call attorney Daniel R. Perlman now.

Only a Skilled Defense Lawyer Can Prevent Charges From Ever Being Filed

Police detectives and federal agents are extensively trained in interrogation techniques. Even smart, savvy people can be blindsided, lured by a false sense of trust, or otherwise manipulated when they talk to the cops.

The pre-filing phase of any case is absolutely critical, and contacting us at this point could preserve your freedom and save you many thousands of dollars as well. We will:

  • Intervene actively and intelligently if you have any reason for concern, making certain your constitutional rights are protected to the greatest possible extent
  • Do everything in our power to prevent charges from being filed against you
  • Apply any fees for our upfront, pre-filing effort to the cost of your defending your criminal case in the event we are unable to prevent those charges

Hiring an Attorney While Under Investigation Is a Top Priority

Rest assured of this: Police do not ask you questions in order to prove your innocence. They want evidence, and they want a conviction. The single most important step you can take, whether you are looking at a potential misdemeanor, traffic crime or felony charge, is to contact us at the Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman now.


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