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Arrest Triage

Arrest Triage

You Just Got ARRESTED                   What You NEED To Do NOW

Don’t Talk To The Cops

As they say on TV, “LAWYER UP!” – This means zip those lips!

Do NOT talk about the weather, sports, girls, food or anything whether it seems distant from what you are being accused of or not.

Do NOT try to talk your way out of trouble. It is IMPOSSIBLE. You cannot help things. You can only make them worse!

Don’t Call a Bondsman (Bail Bond)

Any experienced ATTORNEY you call will know several bondsman

Going through an ATTORNEY will save you 20% or more on the bond, or even prevent the need altogether

Call an Attorney Immediately For a Free Consultation

Hiring the right lawyer is CRITICAL

Do NOT let yourself be pressured by a desperate Lawyer

Always consider meeting with or talking to three Attorneys

Don’t wait until the day before court to start interviewing Lawyers

Research the Attorneys you are meeting on the internet


Any conversation you have with the person arrested will be listened to, recorded and twisted to hurt their case. Only a LAWYER may have a protected conversation with them.

It is okay to talk to them, but NOT about their case!


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