Continued Topics of Learning in International Extradition

The critically evolving field of international extradition will be discussed in detail at an advanced seminar in Lake Iseo, Italy on June 25-26, 2018.  The title of the seminar this year is International Extradition and the European Arrest Warrant and is put on by The Extradition Lawyers Association in conjunction with ECCLE and is a follow-up to last August’s successful presentation at Oxford.  This is a small community of legal specialists and academics interested in the field.  Last year’s conference attendance was only 18, an indication of how few legal professionals are invested in servicing clients in need of extradition defense or support.

According to the planned program, “Seminars will be conducted through an innovative learning-by-doing style, which encourages group discussions and simulations of extradition and EAW proceedings.  Seminars will also include the sharing of experiences, the viewing of mini-videos and the review of famous extradition cases.”

The Perlman Law Group strives to be at the cutting edge of this globally challenging issue and is available for consultation and full engagement in such matters.


When you, a colleague or a loved one is detained and possibly facing extradition, it is imperative to engage counsel at once whether the client is in the United States and is wanted by a foreign state, or in another country and is being sought by the United States.  When the extradition is between two countries that do not include the United States we have specialists in various countries around the world we can refer you to.

Moving quickly is imperative due to the timing of the treaties involved.  Deadlines for various challenges to extradition can pass quickly and these can be critical to protecting the client.

The sooner we are engaged, the sooner we can recruit the team required to give the client the best chance of success.  We are generally able to accommodate foreign travel without notice