Nine puppies are up for adoption following a bust on a puppy smuggling and Fake Pet Rescue operation.

Fake Pet Rescue Results in Woman Arrested For Puppy Smuggling

The nine dogs were among 19 puppies in 42-year-old Megan Ann Hoechstetter’s possession when she was arrested an charged with 20 misdemeanor counts of keeping an animal without proper care and two misdemeanor counts of animal abuse by a caretaker.

According to Irvine police’s Kim Mohr, Hoechstetter set up a fake rescue service online to sell dogs she allegedly received from Mexico who had not received proper care as part of a “puppy flipping” operation. Between March 21, 2014 and March 1, 2017, Hoechstetter, operating under the business name of “Pawlosophy,” failed to provide appropriate care for more than 100 puppies, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Sick Puppies

Several families within Orange County reported that shortly after they had received puppies from one of Hoechstetter’s rescue services the puppies got sick. One of those families adopted a puppy named Bailey on January 1. According to officials the dog was ill with parvovirus and died just seven days after the family adopted it. The owners reported the incident to the Irvine Police Department which kicked off an investigation into the operation.

Officers tracked Hoechstetter down on January 11th. At the time she had six puppies for sale in the trunk of her car. Later that day police arrested Hoechstetter at a hotel in Cypress, California. At that time they found 13 puppies in her hotel room. Those 13 puppies were immediately taken to the city’s animal care center for “much needed care,” according to Mohr.
“So she was advertising these animals online and selling them for hundreds of dollars apiece. She would find the customers that way, and she would then take these animals and sell them to people in parking lots and public places,” said Mohr.

In the end, some families have had to spend as much as $7,500 in veterinary bills to treat the puppies that Hoechstetter allegedly received from Tijuana. Ultimately, 30 puppies either succumbed to illness or had to be euthanized, according to Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Malone.

Hoechstetter could face up to 12 years in jail if convicted.

Animal Service’s Guidelines For Rescuing and Purchasing Animals

In light of the case, the Police Department’s Animal Services Unit has set out some guidelines to follow when purchasing or rescuing an animal.

The guidelines reminded potential pet owners to: “be cautious of groups or organization that only communicate online, and that do not want to visit your home first for an inspection; request veterinary records of the animal and ensure they are up to date on vaccinations; not buy a puppy under 8 weeks old, or advertised as being ‘saved from another country’; and consider adopting from a local animal shelter.”

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