Another lawsuit has been filed against Fox New Channel’s Roger Ailes is facing another sexual assault lawsuit, this time by Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky. The lawsuit alleges the network’s past chairman, Roger Ailes, made unwanted sexual advances while leading Roginsky to believe that a promotion would follow should she go along with his advances.

Roger Ailes Additional Sexual Assault Allegations

The lawsuit alleges Ailes made unwanted sexual advances such as encouraging her to date older, married men, repeatedly praised her looks, and invited her to join him for drinks in his office so that they could stay away from onlookers that would get them “into so much trouble.”

This is just another lawsuit to be filed against Ailes, in addition to an already long list filed by former Fox News journalists Megyn Kelly and Laurie Dhue. Ailes has denied all allegations to date.

Ailes’ lawyer Susan Estrich recently released the following statement:

“The idea that Mr. Ailes would pressure Ms. Roginsky or any other women to have sexual relations with him is total nonsense,” the statement reads. “This is about someone who wants to pile-on in a massive character assassination in order to achieve what she did not accomplish on the merits.”

Sexual assault cases should be taken seriously, but there is no need to kill yourself. The best way to build your case is to work with a criminal defense attorney.

Fighting Sexual Assault Accusations

If you have been wrongly accused of committing sexual assault, you need to treat the accusations seriously. Though they may seem ridiculous, they can have long-lasting consequences. You can lose your job, face fines, or be sent to prison. There are a number of things you need to do if you have been accused of sexual harassment or assault.

Hire an Attorney

A criminal defense attorney will be able to respond to and defend you against the allegations you are facing. You should contact one as soon as you are informed of the charges. They will be able to provide you with guidance and next steps on how to proceed.

Stay Away Accuser

Stay away from the accuser until you have a chance to legally defend yourself. Chances are there will be an evidentiary hearing where you will be able to state your side of the case. Until then, avoid the accuser so that he or she will not be able to make further accusations.
If you must be near the accuser, due to employment or child custody arrangements, try to ensure a third party is always present so that he or she can act as a witness. Additionally, try to limit communication and try to ensure that all communication is in written form – via text or email. Any communication should state the facts. Do not contact the person via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Remember that everything you say or write can be held against you in a court of law.

Control Emotions

Being accused of sexual assault is frustrating and angering. But you need to try to keep your emotions in line. This means being responsible about your next steps and how you protect yourself. Do not approach the accuser with attempts to defend yourself. Try to keep a calm head.

Assess Motives

Working with your attorney, try to asses any motive your accuser may have for the false allegations. Often times a jealous ex will make attempts to get back at his or her partner. If you believe the sex was consensual, were there other circumstances involved, such as alcohol or drug use that might have caused you or your accuser to become hazy about the events? A criminal defense attorney might be able to help you uncover any motive that may exist. This motive can assist a defense attorney should the case go to trial, or during the process of negotiating.

Detailed Account

If you can, provide your attorney with a detailed account of the events that led to the accusations. You should tell your lawyer everything, even details you think might not be pertinent. You never know what detail a lawyer may be able to use to help you win your case.


Do you have any witnesses that might have seen the interaction? Do you have an alibi? Are there character witnesses that can attest to both yours and your accuser’s potential motives?
Working with a Defense Attorney

Allegations of sexual misconduct should not be taken lightly, even if you feel your accuser has no grounds to make those allegations. That’s why it’s advised that you immediately contact a defense attorney if you are accused of a sexual crime.

Once you and your attorney have discussed the specifics of the allegations that you are facing, you will be informed about the strengths and weaknesses of your case, including the risks of conviction and punishment that you face. A defense attorney will be able to negotiate a plea deal or decide to move forward with a trial, while constantly working to ensure your best interests.

The criminal defense lawyers at Daniel Perlman Law in Los Angeles will put our experience to work for you. We believe every defendant has the right to a zealous defense. We offer free initial consultations and will usually quote a flat fee that will cover all the services necessary for your case, including trial. To schedule a free consultation with one of our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers, call 877-887-4541 or contact us by e-mail.

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