How Tinder Can Lead To Complications Or Even Jail

So for years, sites like Adult Friend Finder have occupied the time of singles in search of no strings attached fun, but now there’s this thing called Tinder.  It’s an app and it’s taking the single world by storm.  With publicity from Modern Family actor Eric Stonestreet on the Howard Stern Show this week, talking about how easily he hooks up with girls on the Tinder app and others speaking about it becoming secondary in their social media experience only to Facebook (but often taking up far more time due to its addictive nature), Tinder is ready to explode beyond the younger singles who have been using it.

Not to single Tinder out, but it illustrates a significant legal concern.  Over the years, we have seen a rise in investigations and charges for sexual assault and rape (primarily by women against men), arising out of internet hook-ups gone bad.

The truth is, the hook-ups themselves don’t necessarily go bad on the surface.  Many of these matters that the Perlman Law Group (Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman), has handled included what seemed at the time to be a perfectly consensual evening between two adults. Several common variables crop up in these cases which lead to police reports, investigations, arrests, trials and even jail or prison, not to mention lifetime public registration as a sexual predator.

So how does this happen?

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Jealous significant other
  • Embarrassment or humiliation
  • Instability

These hook-ups often include some legal or illegal lubrication and one person’s cloudy memory of the prior evening can lead to fear that something happened without consent.

Sometimes, one person goes home and gets caught by their significant other and then lies to protect the relationship.  This can lead to a police report to support the lie.

Other times, the person is having trouble with how they feel “the next morning” and guilt can drive some people to blame others for something they were really responsible for, like making the choice to engage in a sexual act.

What this means to the average Tinder user today is you need to be careful.  You are in fact assuming risks when you invite a stranger into your home that can result in headaches or worse.  Use caution. Bail if it feels wrong. Don’t leave a stranger alone in your home.  Leave a record of who you are going to be with.  Celebrities and athletes are often encouraged to videotape their casual visitors when they first arrive giving consent to what the visit is about in very clear terms.

Enjoy what life has to offer, but take simple steps to avoid turning a dream into a nightmare.

Daniel Perlman runs the Perlman Law Group in Los Angeles, California.  The firm is focused on counseling preventative lawyering in criminal and DUI defense.