DUI and alcohol, lots of alcohol

The annual Super Bowl party has become a ritual in southern California communities. These events, as well as “the big game” promotion at restaurants and sports bars, quite often feature tons of food and alcohol, lots of alcohol. And, for their part, these events result in an increase in driving under the influence (DUI)charges over a more typical Sunday. DUI crashes in California are 75 percent more likely to happen on Super Bowl Sunday than on regular Sundays in January and February, reports the Automobile Club of Southern California. On average, 28 more alcohol-related fatal and injury crashes occur annually in California due to drinking and driving on Super Bowl Sunday compared to regular Sundays.

State and local law enforcement are well aware of DUI’s on Super Bowl Sunday

Stats like these have made both state and local law enforcement are well aware of Super Bowl Sunday, and, in turn, they have demonstrated a willingness to step up their game on football’s biggest game day.

During last February’s Super Bowl, the California Highway Patrol mounted a “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk” campaign and announced that the agency makes an average of nearly 450 DUI arrests on Super Bowl Sundays.

For its part, LAPD not only set up several sobriety checkpoints, it conducted “DUI saturation patrols” in a number of different areas throughout the city.

In Los Angeles County, a multiagency DUI task force called “Avoid the 100” was deployed using special roving DUI patrols on Super Bowl Sunday.

Even if it’s their first run in with the law, individuals who are arrested for DUI face a number of tough penalties if they are convicted of the charge. For starters, the moment you are arrested, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will revoke your driving privileges by issuing a license suspension. A first-time DUI conviction carries up to $1,000 in fines, a six-month jail sentence, an additional four-month license suspension, and probation time. Immediately contacting an experienced, qualified DUI attorney is the best course of action when facing such consequences.

Daniel R. Perlman
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