Molly – The Drug of Choice on the EDM scene

The widespread availability and popular use of “molly” has become a part of the scene at clubs, music festivals, and raves. Molly is a street name for a substance that has been in use since the ’80s. At that time users simply referred to it as MDMA, the name “molly” is now given to a variety of legal substances with similar chemical structures. Molly is always abundant at music festivals — if you knew where to look. At Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, Madonna took to the stage to introduce an artist, the pop star asked the audience: “How many people in this crowd have seen molly?” A slew of cheers answered, though Madonna later said she’d been referring to a song, not to an illegal drug.

Raves and Music Festivals

In the Los Angeles area, a recent event known as Hard Fest’s Day of the Dead was rumored to have multiple arrests of molly users. These types of events are staged nationwide and have widespread appeal for youthful enthusiasts. The high energy atmosphere is created by electronic dance music, known simply as EDM. High profile acts such as Skrillex, Cirez D, and Deadmau5 perform for an enthusiastic young crowd. A lot of people feel that these festival experiences are enhanced with the use of drugs and many participants take advantage of readily available substances like molly. Because of this prevailing attitude, raves and festivals are some of the most popular venues where the use of molly widespread.

The Chances of Being Arrested for Molly

Law enforcement is also aware that molly is being sold and used at these events. Molly users at these venues become easy targets for law enforcement as sale and usage of the drug occurs in plain sight. Police can be assured of finding many convenient suspects to arrest. A simple internet search for drug busts at raves, fests and clubs will yield dozens of results. Possession charges often carry lengthy prison sentences. Social media is often used to promote festivals, private parties, clubs and events to gain the largest number of attendees possible. Twitter, Facebook, and specialized websites all are used to promote various events and happenings. These no-so-private media are also monitored by drug enforcement officials. Being on law enforcement’s radar is almost a guarantee that arrests for drug use and sales will be made.

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