Electronic monitoring, work release, and work furlough for DUI

Penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) most often include spending time in jail. However, a number of alternatives may be used in lieu of jail time: house arrest or electronic monitoring, work release, and work furlough.

In the state of California, the penal code allows for different communities to have different requirements and descriptions of “work furlough” or “work release”. This law authorizes the board of supervisors of any county to authorize the sheriff or other official in charge of county correctional facilities to offer a voluntary program under which any person committed to the facility may participate in a work release program. The law also requires that the program be under the direction of a responsible person appointed by the sheriff or other official in charge.

The availability of these options varies throughout California, and experienced legal counsel should be consulted to determine which alternative sentences are available in your particular situation.

Electronic Monitoring alternative sentencing for DUI

Drivers who are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) may be able to avoid jail time with a sentencing alternative such as electronic monitoring. Also known as house arrest, it involves wearing an ankle bracelet that electronically monitors the location of the wearer. The device sends a signal to a computer either at the probation office or to a monitoring contractor. Usually, arrangements can be made for the wearer to go to work or school, so long as they are home by an appointed time. This option is generally offered as a condition of probation and allows those convicted of a California drunk driving offense to avoid jail by limiting when and where they can go.

Work Release alternative sentencing for DUI

This involves working at a location determined by a condition of probation. The drunk-driving offender works at an assigned jobsite where he or she can be monitored, and is allowed to return home at night.

Work Furlough alternative sentencing for DUI

This option allows the participant to keep their own job. The work furlough program permits sufficiently trusted prisoners to leave the prison facilities during the day, under supervision, in order to continue to work their current job or to work for certain government programs. At the end of their workday, the prisoner returns to prison until the next working day.

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