Many labs, many arrests

Arrests for the manufacturing and distribution of drugs are a common occurrence in southern California due, in part, to the large number of labs in the region. The Drug Enforcement Agency maintains a meth lab register that lists locations that were reported by local law enforcement agencies to be clandestine meth laboratories. In California, plotting these locations on a map shows hundreds of meth labs located in just a handful of counties. These labs stay on the register until local authorities contact the DEA and inform them it has been decontaminated or demolished. Law enforcement officials are highly active in their efforts to close down these labs and make as many arrests as possible in the process.

Rialto in eastern Los Angeles County was the location for a recent methamphetamine lab bust that was linked to a violent Mexican drug cartel operating in at least four California counties and in Mexico.

Operation Crystal Clear led to the seizure of 330 pounds of meth and the arrests of 11 members of the Millennium Cartel, a violent Mexican cartel that has worked alongside Los Zetas, one of the deadliest cartels in Mexico allegedly responsible for hundreds of brutal killings.

A tip from an informant allowed investigators to unravel and uncover the transnational drug ring that operated in Merced, Los Angeles, Alameda and San Bernardino counties. Further investigation led to a raid on a Victorville home that turned up 42 pounds of the drug and resulted in the arrest of one San Bernardino county resident.

The announcement of Operation Crystal Clear came shortly before federal authorities brought down another drug organization based in Pomona.

The Rialto raid was one of many raids of drug labs where the liquid form of methamphetamine is crystallized making it suitable for distribution.

Arrests will result from any involvement or activity

Any involvement in the production of methamphetamine at any stage may lead to arrest. California code states that the term “manufacture” refers to the act of any person who manufactures, compounds, converts, produces, derives, processes, or prepares, either directly or indirectly by chemical extraction or independently by means of chemical synthesis. Simply put, California law prohibits manufacturing methamphetamine during any state of the manufacturing process. Before any case can be brought to court, there are factors of the crime that will need to be verified and the advice and council of an attorney experienced in drug manufacturing cases is highly advisable.

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