Two Valley Grande residents, Leonard Parten Jr., 45, and Clayton Campbell Jr., 49, were arrested Friday for manufacturing methamphetamines and the unlawful possession of the controlled substance where they had been living at 340 Hoggle Road.

“It appears that they had a meth lab in full operation, and there was some finished and unfinished product at that residence,” Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman said. “Both of these individuals lived at the address.”

Huffman said a search warrant of the home was issued and served Thursday after a good investigation, and the narcotics unit, “got some information that ended up being very liable, good information.”

Huffman said, these days, it is rare to find a complete meth lab in operation.

“Most of it, now days, is what we call a shake and bake. It’s like a portable lab. They’ll do so much in one area, and they’ll do so much in another area, and then they’ll meet in another area and put all the ingredients together,” he said. “And it’s pretty hard to catch folks like that. But this was a full-fledged, permanent lab in a house.”

Both Parten and Campbell were taken to the Dallas County Jail, each with a bond of $200,000 for manufacturing methamphetamine and a $50,000 bond for unlawful possession of the controlled substance.

Huffman said he believed their court date would be this week.

“Making [meth] and all of that is a felony,” he said. “These individuals, they’ve been charged with felonies.”

Huffman said the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office has a clean up crew for meth labs that were notified and took care of the lab’s clean up.

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Source: “Valley Grande men face meth making charges,” April 1, 2013.