An Estes Robbery in California occurs when a simple shoplifting case, for even a stick of gum turns bad.  If a store clerk or security guard physically confronts the shoplifter, and they pull away or otherwise physically engage, threaten or in any way cause an apprehension of fear, or take the item by force (pulling it away), a simple petty-theft offense becomes a raging robbery.

A robbery is a dangerous felony and is a strike offense under California’s 3 strikes law.  It can result in a prison sentence, and interfere with the rest of one’s life.  Immigration status, career, college loans, and the like can all be affected dramatically by a felony conviction.  Robbery has the added value of being both a violent crime as well as a crime of honesty.  Two of the three things employers are concerned about when considering a potential new hire.

Frequently, even a teenager without a criminal history of any kind finds themselves in such a situation – a classic example of how this dangerous charge can appear is as follows:

Judy, a freshman at UCLA impulsively slips a $15 lipstick in her purse while shopping at Sephora.  Sephora’s security approaches her as she leaves the store blocking her way.  Judy tries to walk out the door around the guard.  The security guard grabs Judy’s purse and a tug of war ensues.   –At this point, Judy is attempting to take the lipstick by force.  The case has moved from a very minor theft to a very serious felony with that momentary physicality.

All types of theft charges can become more serious depending on the amount of money, value of property, location, time of day and a multitude of other factors, but an Estes Robbery blows them all away, because there was no intent to commit the type of crime that resulted.

Defending Estes robberies can be extremely difficult and requires the well-developed soft, yet forceful touch of an experienced theft attorney.  Humanizing the client to the prosecutor and judge to help them view the Defendant something more than simply a case number and a list of charges is an invaluable first step to returning the case to a misdemeanor shoplifting or petty-theft charge.

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