With the number of cars and drivers on Los Angeles roads, it is not surprising when an accident happens. Serious crashes that send people to the hospital or, tragically, end with someone’s death are certainly horrific, but not every accident should end with criminal charges. In fact, for Los Angeles prosecutors to arrest and convict someone of driving under the influence charges, they need to amass a considerable amount of evidence, including proof that the driver had been drinking and, often, what his or her exact blood-alcohol level was at the time of the arrest. Failing to do so would mean the driver is acquitted of the charges.

After an arrest earlier this month, it is unknown if prosecutors will be able to get the evidence they need to convict a 60-year-old man from Lake Balboa of DUI. It is possible that the only reason why he was originally arrested was because the cars that he hit were Los Angeles Police Department patrol cars. As he refused to submit to a breath test, it is not clear if he had a registered blood alcohol level at the time of his arrest.

The two patrol cars were responding to a minor car accident near Encino and Sherman Way in Los Angeles at the time of the crash. They had been called to the scene after the firefighters on the scene asked for back up because some of the motorists’ tempters were rising. Shortly after 1:30 a.m., the 60 year old came driving down the street and hit one of the police cruisers.

The impact shoved one patrol car into the next. The driver’s pickup truck was still out of his control, however, and he slammed into one of the other vehicles at the accident scene.

It is true that the accident was caused by alcohol, but it is equally as plausible that the driver was an older driver out late and had an accident. It remains to be seen what a judge and jury will decide, however.

Source: Daily News, “Suspected drunk driver slams pickup truck into 2 parked LAPD patrol cars in Reseda,” Christina Villacorte, Nov. 5, 2012

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