With medical marijuana being legal in California, it is not impossible to find individuals who grow and cultivate marijuana in Los Angeles County. Like with any business, individuals who grow the plants must make sure that they are following local and state laws to ensure against criminal action, but sometimes local ordinances may be difficult to understand and are unintentionally broken. It is possible that some people who grow and sell marijuana in California believe that they are doing so legally, but are actually at risk for being charged with drug crimes.

In this story, a 22-year-old Agoura man was arrested by deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after they claim to have discovered a greenhouse full of 29 marijuana plants. Police are saying that the plants would cost approximately $4,000. Now, the man stands charged with cultivation and possession of marijuana.

Police discovered the plants after they were called to walk through his home with a realtor and an appraiser. The Los Angeles Times reports that the homeowner had previously had problems with the owner and wanted police present during the walk through. It is not entirely clear, however, what the walk through was for.

While in the home, police said they noticed the smell of marijuana and found dried plants inside. It was then that deputies received a search warrant to look through the rest of the house and the greenhouse in the back.

It is unknown if this man thought he was growing marijuana legally, but if he did, his mistake could cost him dearly. Though some people believe that marijuana cultivation charges are relatively minor, they could land someone in prison for up to three years, as well as forcing them to pay a hefty fine. Because of these severe punishments, it is vitally important to speak with an attorney after being charged with any kind of drug crime.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Marijuana-growing operation busted in Agoura; 1 arrested,” Oct. 11, 2012

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