In LA County, shoplifting and petty-theft arrests have risen dramatically, leading to the following warning: Sephora shoplifters beware of petty-theft crackdown.  Security for the international make-up and fashion stores has tightened down on catching shoplifters in many Southern California stores.  Under new shoplifting laws theft under $50.00 may result in little more than a ticket, however, most people accused of shoplifting make-up or perfume are caught with merchandise purported to be valued above this cut-off amount.

Not only can a misdemeanor arrest and subsequent conviction result in embarrasment, great expense and possible jail time, but may hamper student loans, job hunting and will generally be viewed as an act involving honesty.

With the assistance of an attorney, first offenses can often be reduced to either an infraction even if the amount exceeds the statutory limit, or alternatively, the Perlman Law Group has enjoyed great success in creative solutions that ultimately lead to a dismissal or conviction of an unrelated and less serious charge despite the original allegation being for shoplifting and petty-theft.

For those with prior records, the risk of being charged with the far more serious Commercial Burglary which can appear as a felony is a grave concern, though much can still be done in defense of those facing these charges.

In all theft cases from stores of all kinds, whether Macy’s, Target, Fry’s Electronics, Costco, Wal-Mart, or the like, the store and or their attorneys will send a letter demanding the costs of investigation or loss.  Perlman Law Group has been 100% successful in thwarting these attempts to collect from their clients.