The California Highway Patrol says that an officer spotted a car driving without headlights in Long Beach, California recently. During the routine traffic stop, a CHP officer apparently concluded that the man was driving under the influence of drugs.

The man was arrested on suspicion of DUI. The CHP says that they became concerned about the driver’s mother due to alleged comments the man made during his contact with the CHP.

Authorities say that the man was driving his mother’s car, and something about the man’s comments prompted the CHP to contact authorities in Phoenix to conduct a welfare check on the mom.

Police went to the woman’s apartment around 4:00 Monday morning and claim that they saw some kind of “fluid or liquid” on the front door. Police believed that the liquid may be blood and decided to force entry into the apartment. Police say that they found a 46-year-old woman dead inside.

Detectives from Arizona came to California and are attempting to get information from the man accused of DUI about his mother. Neighbors of the mother say that her 19 or 20-year-old son (different media reports have inconsistent information) had recently moved back in with her, but apparently the two were not getting along.

Now out-of-state police are seeking information from the woman’s son in Long Beach, where he is being held in jail on $5,000 bond in the California DUI case. Officials say that the young man is not a suspect in the alleged out-of-state murder. However, detectives are apparently seeking information in a criminal investigation. Law enforcement is characterizing the man as a person of interest in his mother’s death.