Law enforcement arrested a Los Angeles County deputy on drug charges and a slate of other crimes recently. The 35-year-old deputy is accused of felony drug possession after he allegedly seized hash and marijuana during some sort of arrest. Law enforcement claims that the deputy took the drugs from the suspect and did not report the drugs.

Authorities claim that the deputy wrote a police report after arresting a suspect, but officials claim that the deputy omitted the drugs from his report. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department claims that they looked into the issue after receiving a tip about the drugs. Law enforcement says an investigation implicated the deputy.

The man has been with the Sheriff’s Department for roughly six years, but had recently joined the East Los Angeles Station. The deputy is accused of stealing the drugs after the recent routine traffic stop.

The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office apparently is handling the prosecution. The deputy was arrested while on duty Thursday and was relieved of duty without pay. The deputy was booked into the Men’s Central Jail with bail set at $500,000.

The deputy is accused of multiple offense including, felony possession of narcotics, filing false police reports and receiving stolen property. An L.A. Sheriff’s spokesman claims that the incident is an isolated issue.

The deputy’s arrest follows a scandal involving accusations of deputies smuggling contraband into jails. Three deputies were recently convicted of smuggling or attempted smuggling drugs into jail for inmates, while a fourth deputy was fired. Law enforcement had claimed that at least one of those incidents involved a burrito that was used to smuggle contraband into the jail.


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