Authorities accuse a Hacienda Heights resident of driving under the influence after a car accident on the 60 Freeway claimed the life of a 13-year-old girl and left two others injured early Sunday. The 28-year-old driver accused of DUI was booked into jail on and held without bond pending arraignment, which is reportedly scheduled for Tuesday.

Officials say that a 41-year-old Santa Monica woman was standing along the right shoulder of the 60 Freeway with a 13-year-old girl after their car stalled on the freeway. A 10-year-old boy remained inside the stranded vehicle.

At roughly 12:40 a.m., authorities believe a 28-year-old Hacienda Heights woman drifted toward the shoulder near the stranded vehicle. Law enforcement claims that the woman’s car struck the two people standing on the shoulder before crashing into the stalled car. The adult on the shoulder sustained major injuries, while the teenage girl was killed in the crash. The 10-year-old boy reportedly suffered moderate injuries in the car accident.

Police say the Hacienda Heights woman drove away from the scene of the accident and apparently took the 7th street exit. Authorities say that officers made contact with the woman accused of the 60 Freeway accident sometime after she allegedly exited the freeway.

Police subsequently arrested the woman on DUI charges. Authorities have not yet announced the extent of the DUI charges that the woman may face, but California law allows prosecutors to seek felony level DUI charges in car accident cases involving injury or death.

The woman accused of the serious DUI accident is scheduled to appear for arraignment Tuesday in El Monte Superior Court.