A Southern California Assemblyman is facing charges of driving under the influence after an event in March that allegedly occurred in Concord. After the California DUI arrest in March, the assemblyman from West Covina reportedly told reporters that he was not drunk when pulled over. He also previously has publicly announced that the initial traffic stop lacked probable cause.

Authorities have now released results from the blood alcohol test that was conducted on the night of the assemblyman’s DUI arrest. Authorities claim that the blood test results showed that the California lawmaker had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent on March 27, the date of the traffic stop.

The assemblyman says that he thought he was sober enough to legally drive after having dinner the night of the DUI arrest and that he looks “fully looking into the specifics of the test for more information.”

The allegations began when a Concord police officer claims to have seen the West Covina assemblyman weaving and not using his turn signals just after 2:00 a.m. March 27. The officer made a traffic stop and claimed to have observed some signs that the driver was allegedly under the influence of alcohol.

Police claim that the assemblyman refused a Breathalyzer test. The man was arrested on suspicion of DUI after field sobriety test and police drew a blood sample at the police station before booking the West Covina man into county jail. He was subsequently released.

The assemblyman reportedly was driving a state issued vehicle in March and has reportedly voluntarily given up his state car privileges after he drove the state issued vehicle outside of Sacramento, apparently in violation of the state rules. That alleged issue is essentially unrelated to the DUI case.

The state vehilce privilege applies to the man as a state assembly member and is not apparently related to any driver’s license issue in the DUI case or a DUI loss of license DMV hearing.

Investigators have apparently asked prosecutors to pursue misdemeanor DUI charges against the Assemblyman from West Covina.

Source: Chico Enterprise-Record, “SoCal assemblyman apologizes after blood test reveals he was drunk during Concord stop,” Robert Salonga-Contra Costa Times, April 25, 2012