Authorities Alerted By Screaming and Gunfire

An ugly domestic situation drew the attention of police on Sunday, ultimately leading to the arrest of Courtney Wagner. Wagner, 38, is the daughter of one of Hollywood’s most famous couples, Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner. Wood drowned in 1981 in a sailing accident with her husband, Robert, and co-star, Christopher Walken. The details of how she drowned remain a mystery.

Law enforcement officers were alerted to a disturbance at Courtney Wagner’s Malibu house after a neighbor reportedly heard a woman’s screams followed by a gunshot. Shortly after arriving, police discovered cocaine and heroin on the premises and immediately arrested Wagner on suspicion of felony drug possession charges.

Although nobody appeared to have been injured from the gunshot, Wagner’s companion, an unidentified male, was arrested and charged with negligent discharge of a firearm.

Wagner has posted $10,000 bail and has refused calls for comment on her arrest. If convicted, the screen siren’s daughter could face serious penalties. A felony heroin charge may make Wagner ineligible for treatment or diversion programs as an alternative to time in prison.

Heroin Returns to Center Stage

Heroin has regained prevalence over the past few years as prescription opiate addicts turn to it as a cheaper and more accessible alternative to the painkillers OxyContin and Vicodin.

Wagner’s associate with heroin may be an indication of deeper troubles. Unlike other recreational drugs, such as marijuana, heroin is known for its devastating addictive properties. The potency of the drug increases the chance of an accidental overdose.

Source:, “Natalie Wood’s Daughter Busted for Coke, Heroin After Blowout Fight,” 30 April 2012