Friday’s arrest of Nickelodeon star, Amanda Bynes caught many people off guard. The actress, who famously tweeted that she was giving up acting at the age of 24 only to recant a month later, was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) shortly after leaving the Greystone Manor nightclub Friday night.

According to sources, 26 year-old Bynes started off the evening having a pleasant dinner at the Standard Hotel. Although she was observed drinking, the source did not believe that she was intoxicated. She then moved to the Greystone Manor nightclub, where she stayed until after midnight.

Bynes was held overnight at the West Hollywood police station before being released.

Although Bynes has only been charged with a misdemeanor, it appears people in Bynes’ camp are taking the charges seriously. A source told People magazine that Bynes’ DUI arrest reflected a “serious lapse in judgment,” on the part of the actress.

Bynes’ father, Rick, was more defiant and came to his daughter’s defense, telling reporters that Bynes wasn’t intoxicated but was simply “upset and very emotional.” He also claimed that his daughter doesn’t drink.

Many believe Bynes’ arrest may have grown from her professional troubles. The actress has struggled since 2008 and some believe she may have lost her way.

The fresh-faced actress may be on her way sooner rather than later. Not only does the arrest mark her first DUI offense, but there are no published accounts disclosing the actress’ blood alcohol content (BAC). The results of her BAC could prove critical in her defense.

Source:, “Amanda Bynes ‘Has Been a Little Lost’ in Recent Years: Source,” Dahvi Shira, 10 April 2012