An 18-year-old Orange County man allegedly went missing after being released from the Orange County Jail on Feb. 7, 2012. The young man served the time for a theft after being kicked out of a treatment program last year due to his age. His family says that he spent much of his youth with mental illness; however, he reportedly “aged out” of his treatment program.

The young man apparently went off his medications during a 60-day stint in jail, and allegedly went missing immediately after his pre-dawn release earlier this month. However, the young man reportedly says he was not missing, but did not intend to contact his family upon his release.

The young man’s family asked the public for help in locating the young man, who reportedly suffers from bipolar disorder and post traumatic stress syndrome. Santa Ana Police arrested the young man last week on serious California drug charges, claiming the young man was found in possession of methamphetamine.

News reports are unclear what basis the police had to stop the young man in Santa Ana, and also sketchy about how they found the drugs. Police claim the young man was arrested after being found with five bindles of meth. Law enforcement claims the troubled young man was uncooperative, so he was taken to a hospital for medical clearance.

On the trip to the hospital, while in police custody, law enforcement claims the troubled young man admitted that he had committed another offense. Police say the man confessed to robbing a Subway store. The officer transporting the young man drove to the Subway to have the young man identified for that alleged offense.

The man’s family apparently is happy that the young man is okay, but the family is seeking a court ordered conservatorship for the man. The young man’s mother seems to know that the cycle will start over for him since he has been booked into jail on robbery and drug charges.

The family has sought to find the man after he was released from jail, in part, because the adult young man had not contacted his family after his release. The man is back in jail after last week’s arrest. KTLA reports the young man was not interested in contacting his parents after his release from jail. He is not only now fighting the conservatorship in court, he may also be facing serious felony offenses.