Los Angeles police say that officers chased a late model Mercedes for the better part of an hour Saturday night. Authorities claim that police originally pulled the car over in Palms, but news reports do not clearly indicate the basis of the traffic stop. LA Police say that when officers approached the Mercedes, the driver appeared impaired. Apparently, officers told the man to turn off the ignition to his vehicle.

However, before police could investigate their suspicion that the man may have been driving under the influence, LA Police say that the driver fled the scene. Law enforcement began a pursuit that wound through Palms, West Los Angeles, the Wilshire district and West Hollywood, coming to an end in Culver City.

Law enforcement says the driver stopped the Mercedes near Brotman Medical Center and tried to enter the emergency room. LA police apparently detained the man at, or near, the emergency room, suspecting the man had been driving drunk. Officers believe the man was entering the hospital to find a place to hide from police. News reports do not indicate whether or not authorities considered a that medical emergency may have been underway.

After taking the man into custody at the hospital, and while en route to the jail for booking , officers apparently realized the man was having trouble breathing. They then transported the detained man to a different hospital to get checked out.

News reports do not indicate what doctors found when law enforcement brought the man to the second hospital. While the LAPD have announced their suspicion that the man was driving drunk, law enforcement has not disclosed what charges the man may ultimately face.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News, “Suspected drunk driver leads LAPD on high-speed chase, arrested in Culver City,” Jan. 22, 2012