San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies descended on a private residence in rural Valley Center Tuesday to assist animal control officers in investigating a tip that someone was beating a dog. The Sheriff’s department says the residence was the site of a recent home invasion robbery and deputies say they were aware that weapons were in the home.

Deputies apparently walked around the outside of the home around 3:20 p.m. looking for the alleged dog-beating suspect. While looking for the homeowner outside, deputies claim they saw marijuana plants inside the home. Backup officers were called in to secure the property after the deputies allegedly spotted the pot inside the home. Details of how law enforcement sighted the pot inside the home are not clear from news reports.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that investigators from the San Diego Narcotics Task Force were called in to investigate. The investigators reportedly arrived with a search warrant and raided the rural home. Law enforcement claims they found sophisticated marijuana growing equipment in the home.

In addition to roughly $20,000 worth of alleged marijuana cultivation equipment, law enforcement seized about 100 pot plants that the Sheriff’s department estimates would be worth around $300,000 on the street, if the plants were fully mature.

Four people were detained after the drug raid. Details about who was detained and what alleged relationship to the residence or the marijuana the four people may have had have not been released by the Sheriff’s department, as the investigation is reportedly continuing.

News reports indicate that the Sheriff’s department has not provided any information on whether an animal was actually abused at the residence.

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune, “Pot-growing operation found in Valley Center,” Susan Shroder, Jan. 10, 2012