Officials say a Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s deputy smelled marijuana near a Canyon Country home last week. The deputy also claims he heard a number of air conditioning units running. Apparently, the deputy believed it was too cold outside to justify running an air conditioner. Despite the deputy’s claim that he heard electric equipment running at the residence, the sheriff’s office claims the property was vacant.

Friday, the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Office announced that it seized more than $75,000 worth of equipment and 200 to 300 pounds of marijuana during a raid of the Canyon Country home. News reports do not indicate whether law enforcement sought a warrant before entering the home. The sheriff’s office says deputies found a marijuana cultivation operation inside the vacant residence.

Inside the 1,300 square-foot home, authorities say they found irrigation systems, fans, ventilation systems and lighting systems. A seven-ton air conditioning system designed to accommodate a 10,000 square-foot structure was reportedly installed at the residence. Deputies say the electrical system inside the home appeared altered and authorities called in personnel from Southern California Gas Company and Southern California Edison to assess whether the home presented any fire danger.

News reports do not indicate whether law enforcement has made any arrests in relation to the alleged marijuana grow. However, the sheriff’s office claims that deputies found what they believe to be some kind of work schedule showing that different people showed up at the vacant house to tend to the alleged marijuana cultivation operation.

Deputies claim the schedule appears to show that people were logging in and out when visiting the residence to allegedly tend to, and cultivate, the marijuana plants. Deputies claim the various people noted on the schedule how much pay they were due to receive for each visit.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News, “300 pounds of pot found growing in Canyon Country home,” Dec. 17, 2011