The president of a Newport Beach-based addiction recovery organization has been arrested after a late-night dispute with his wife allegedly became violent. The 44-year-old man was arrested at about 1 a.m. on December 4 and charged with felony domestic battery.

According to Newport Beach police, the couple was involved in a verbal altercation and at least one of them had been drinking, although police have refused to say who. No details have been provided about the incident.

The arrest was likely considered notable because of the man’s profession and because of his involvement in a zoning dispute with the City of Newport Beach. According to reports, the city claims that the addiction recovery center’s facility has repeatedly violated zoning ordinances relating to noise and operating hours and has been trying to force the facility to close. The organization also has a facility in Costa Mesa. The next hearing on the zoning issue is scheduled for Dec. 21.

The addiction recovery center’s CEO does not think the domestic battery allegations will affect the zoning hearing or the president’s position with the organization. “I don’t see what personal issues [he] may or may not have, how that would affect [the organization],” she told reporters. The man is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the two addiction recovery centers, and he does not interact with residents at all.

Allegations of domestic violence are typically devastating to the reputation of the accused. Long before the allegations are tested at trial, many people simply assume the defendant is guilty. Many employers will immediately put someone accused of such an offense on immediate suspension or simply fire them outright.

To her credit, this organization’s CEO is reserving judgment on the domestic battery charges. “[J]ust because something’s alleged doesn’t mean it’s true,” she said.

Source: The Daily Pilot, “Morningside president due in court,” Joseph Serna, Dec. 13, 2011