Recently, a story hit the national news that Los Angeles first- baseman James Loney was arrested on Nov. 14 on suspicion of driving under the influence. The allegations include reports that the Los Angeles Dodger was involved in a series of car accidents on the 101 freeway, just west of the 405, at around 6:12 p.m. that evening. The news of Loney’s arrest broke on the final day of Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings, which wrapped up last week.

It is important to note that no formal DUI charges have been filed related to the incident. The California Highway Patrol claims that three witnesses say Loney sideswiped their cars on the freeway in Sherman Oaks in mid-November. The drivers claim that Loney abruptly stopped in the fast lane of the freeway. The witnesses say that when they approached Loney’s stopped Maserati on the freeway, he appeared unconscious.

Law enforcement says Loney fled from the three drivers and crashed into the sound wall on the right shoulder of the 101. A CHP officer claims that after the car accident, Loney displayed symptoms of being under the influence. However, the CHP did not transport the baseball player to jail after the accident due to the concerns of emergency responders.

Based upon the concerns of the medical professionals, Loney was taken to Sherman Oaks Hospital to undergo testing for a potential serious medical condition. The CHP says that officers took a blood sample after the crash, but the test results remain pending. The city attorney’s office is reportedly reviewing the allegations.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “James Loney arrested on suspicion of DUI, says Highway Patrol,” Dylan Hernandez and Andrew Blankstein, Dec. 8, 2011