Pasadena Police say that they found some discarded pot plants roughly two months ago. That discovery reportedly led to an investigation, which apparently was opened to find the source of the discarded pot. Thursday, police arrested two men on suspicion of running an alleged illegal marijuana cultivation operation in a warehouse on the 5000 block of Gayhurst Avenue related to the two-month probe.

Thursday, law enforcement reportedly converged on the Pasadena warehouse and claim they found roughly 125 marijuana plants in various stages of growth within the facility.

Police say pot plants were found in two separate rooms in the warehouse. One of the rooms was reportedly equipped with mercury vapor lights. Law enforcement claims that room contained younger plants.

The more mature pot plants in the warehouse were seized from a room that contained high-pressure sodium bulbs that can typically draw 1000 watts of electric power per unit. Police claim the warehouse was using roughly $2,000 a month in electricity.

Detectives say the amount of electricity consumed at the warehouse was a key piece of information that led them to the facility. The Thursday warehouse raid uncovered what Pasadena Police officers characterize as a sophisticated operation that included electrical conditioning units intended to disguise the amount of power being consumed within the warehouse.

Pasadena Police Lt. Tom Delgado says the 125 plants found within the warehouse could generate $300,000 in street sales. However, the Pasadena Star-News reports that law enforcement suspects the alleged marijuana cultivation operation was used to supply legal medical marijuana dispensaries.

A Pasadena resident and a man from North Hollywood were taken into custody on suspicion of running an illegal marijuana grow at the warehouse.

Source: Pasadena Star-News, “Pasadena cops take down Baldwin Park pot farm,” Frank C. Giradot, Oct. 20, 2011