A man who Los Angeles police compared to the Robert Ludlum character, Jason Bourne, appeared in court last week and pled guilty to a number of felony drug and forgery charges. The man was arrested in June, 2010, but his legal troubles began with what he had claimed was an unconstitutional search of his apartment that occurred on April 19, 2010.

The man was accused of possession of methamphetamine and cocaine with intent to sell, possession of “concentrated cannabis,” possession for sale of a controlled substance while armed and forgery. The accused, who represented himself, previously battled prosecutors over the April 2010 search, but pled guilty late last week to the forgery and felony drug charges. The judge sentenced the man to a suspended seven-year prison sentence with five years formal probation.

The case stems from an incident in April 2010. Law enforcement claims they received a report that a neighbor of the accused smelled suspicious fumes and heard a clanking sound consistent with a generator emanating from the apartment of the accused. Police and fire crews reportedly responded to the penthouse apartment.

Police say they did not hear the clanking sound when they arrived at the apartment. An officer with the Los Angeles Police Department says he did not smell any exhaust fumes as reported in the caller’s tip. Nonetheless, law enforcement claims they requested entry into the apartment. LAPD officers say the man inside refused permission for police to enter and allegedly barred the door from the inside.

Police say the apartment went silent and they feared an explosion may occur, based upon the neighbor’s report, even though they did not hear or smell anything to corroborate the neighbor’s tip.

Officer Michael Orosco also says he feared something may have happened to the man inside the apartment. Law enforcement claims they forced entry and found that the occupant of the apartment had fled through a window, prompting police to compare the man to the fictional character, Jason Bourne.

Law enforcement claims that while in the apartment, they stumbled across several weapons. They say they then sought a search warrant for the apartment. After obtaining a warrant, police say they seized a variety of drugs and counterfeit money during a raid of the apartment.

Law enforcement says they tracked the man from the apartment to his girlfriend’s nearby apartment and arrested him on June 3.

Source: La Downtown News Online, “Brian Alexik Pleads Guilty, Released on Probation,” Ryan Vaillancourt, Sept.23, 2011