Following up on Tuesday’s dragnet-style mass arrests in Madera, Los Baños, Livingston, Merced, Atwater and Dos Palos, the Attorney General’s Office announced a second raid on suspected members of the Nuestra Familia/Norteños gang in the Central Valley. In this raid, which took place in Tracy on Wednesday, 30 more people were arrested on drug trafficking and associated gang-related charges.

According to law enforcement, street gangs associated with the prison gang Nuestra Familia have been menacing small farm communities in the Central Valley, and the community fears they may have ties to Mexican drug cartels.

The mass arrests involved more than 200 law enforcement personnel from the California Department of Justice, the state prison system, local Tracy police and the FBI. They served 28 arrest warrants and 24 search warrants, but were only able to find about a quarter of an ounce of methamphetamine.

Tuesday’s raids in Merced and Madera counties resulted in the seizure of an unspecified amount of crack cocaine, meth, and marijuana plants, along with about a dozen guns and $64,000 in cash. The Tracy raid also turned up 11 guns in addition to the tiny amount of meth.

“Today the Department of Justice delivered another blow to the criminal gangs that have been making inroads into California’s Central Valley,” said the Attorney General in a statement.

Still unanswered is the question of what evidence law enforcement has against any of the 105 people rounded up in the Central Valley to date. Without more detailed information, the public has no way of knowing whether these 30 additional people were actually involved in drug trafficking or were simply in possession of a few doses of methamphetamine intended for personal use.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “30 more gang members arrested in continuing crackdown in Central Valley,” Maura Dolan, June 9, 2011