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Internet Crime and Your Defense

As internet crime becomes more prevalent across the U.S., it’s important to know how to protect yourself against it, but also to know how to protect yourself if you are accused of it.

People Fear Internet Crime and Want More Security

According to a survey of 2,028 U.S. adults conducted in September by the Harris Poll, nearly 3 out of 4 adults have change their online behaviors as a result of the threat of cybercrime. That means that 74% of those surveyed believe that they needed to change their habits in order to remain safe when using the internet.

Bail and How Bail Bonds Work

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a serious crime, chances are you will need to secure a bail bond to be released from jail. While most people’s knowledge or interaction with bail bonds is likely limited – you might imagine a judge banging his gavel and yelling “Bail is set at 1 million” – this is not quite how bail bonds work. You might also have seen numerous ads and commercials advertising bail bonds, but until you’ve dealt directly with needing to post bail, chances are you will need to brush up on your bail bond knowledge.

What Does “Bail” Mean?

Bail is an agreement that is made between the court and the defendant, in which the defendant agrees to post a certain amount of money in order to ensure that they will return to their scheduled court date. When the defendant returns to court on that day, as has been stated in the agreement, they get their money back.

Willie Reed Facing Domestic Violence Charges

Willie Reed of the Los Angeles Clippers was arrested and jailed on a misdemeanor battery charges. He allegedly attacked his wife following an argument.

Charges of Domestic Violence Against Willie Reed

According to Reed’s wife, the basketball center dragged her across the apartment, pulled her hair and grabbed her by the wrist during an argument this past Saturday night in Miami.

Suspected Hit-and-Run Driver Hits 8 People in Los Angeles

According to authorities, this past Sunday a suspected hit-and-run driver plowed into a crowd of diners on a Los Angeles sidewalk, injuring at least eight people.

8 People Hit in Los Angeles by Suspected Hit-and-Run Driver

According to Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. C. Barlow, the suspected hit-and-run driver, ran a red light and smashed into a tan Ford at an intersection outside The Fish Shop restaurant in the Mid-Wilshire neighborhood.

Basketball Star Faces Assault and Battery Charges

A couple have filed an assault and battery lawsuit against Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors in connection with two alleged physical encounters that occurred in Michigan last summer.

Assault and Battery Charges Against Basketball Star

Jermaine Edmondson and his girlfriend Bianca Williams of Woodland Hills, CA allege that Green assaulted and bullied them when they ran into him on two successive evenings last summer in East Lansing, Mich.

Uber Driver Faces Sexual Assault and Kidnapping Charges

According to Los Angeles police, a 46-year-old Uber driver was recently arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and kidnapping. According to the police report, the intoxicated Uber passenger was taken to a hotel and attacked.

Sexual Assault and Kidnapping Charges Against Uber Driver

Los Angeles police are alleging that Alaric Spence, a driver for the popular ride-sharing system Uber picked up a 24-yearold woman in downtown LA and took her to a motel on Lankershim Boulevard and sexually assaulted her. The woman was intoxicated and had called the service to drive her from downtown to her home in Hollywood.

The ACLU Responds to LAPD Use of Body Cameras

Body cameras have now become a part of LAPD crime enforcement despite outcry by the ACLU.

Recent Use of Body Cameras

Just yesterday two LAPD officers responded to a call reporting a woman armed with some sort of knife. The woman, Norma Guzman, 37, died at a hospital following the officer involved shooting, said coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter.

Cosby Case Declared a Mistrial

Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case has ended in a mistrial after the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania jury announced they were unable to come to a unanimous decision. Deadlocked for the second time after deliberating for multiple days.

Mistrial Declared in Cosby Case

Cosby’s sexual assault trial, which centered on charges that the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted Andrea Constand, was declared a mistrial after a jury found itself deadlocked after multiple days of deliberations. According to one juror, the decision was held up by two of the twelve jurors.

The Allegations Against Bill Cosby

While it may be clear that Bill Cosby’s career is over – live performances have been cancelled by numerous venues, in addition to NBC pulling the plug on a proposed series starring the comedian – what’s unclear is if he will face charges.

Will Cosby Face Charges for Allegations?

Just under a year ago, in November 2014, Cosby’s attorney, Martin Singer, called the claims made by accusers, “past the point of absurdity.”

Cosby’s Sexual Assault Case Goes to Trial

Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial has started. If found guilty, the comedian could face a life sentence.

Sexual Assault Case Against Cosby Goes to Trial

Comedian Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial started June 5, 2017. Over the years, multiple women have stepped forward to accuse the comedian of sexual assault. But in 2014, standup comedian Hannibal Buress called Cosby, 79, out explicitly during one of his shows. The allegations and stand-up routine went viral. As a result, dozens of women decided to come forward with their own allegations of Cosby’s sexual abuse. A number of the allegations date back to the ’70s and ’80s. Cosby has denied all of the allegations he faces.

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