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DUI on The Fourth of July

Many people decide to celebrate the Fourth of July with a few drinks. But if you decide to get in your car after those few drinks, you’ll want to know your rights if you get pulled over.

Fourth of July DUI

DUI allegations are not to be taken lightly. There are a number of things you will need to address if you were or accused of being under the influence while behind the wheel of a car.

DNA Evidence and Dropping Charges

Criminal charges can be dropped for any number of reasons. Below we discuss who can drop charges and the reasons behind why charges can be dropped, including DNA evidence and if evidence was obtained without a warrant.

Reasons for Dropping Charges

Dropping charges against a defendant can happen for any number of reasons. Before we jump into those reasons, let’s discuss who can and cannot drop charges.

DUI Testing for Marijuana

When the new pot laws went into effect on January 1, 2018, there were a lot of questions – namely, how would police enforce driving under the influence of marijuana. The truth is, there is currently not a 100% accurate way of testing if someone is currently (meaning in that exact moment) under the influence of marijuana.

No 100% Accurate Way of Testing for Marijuana DUI

When a person is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol, police officers typically subject her or him to a Breathalyzer test. But there is no “Breathalyzer” for marijuana impairment.

Expunge a Criminal Record

If you have been living through the consequences of committing a crime, and are wondering how you will ever be able to move forward, you’ll want to know what steps are required to expunge your criminal record. As always, it’s advised that you work with a criminal defense attorney that can advise you on your specific situation.

How to Expunge a Criminal Record

While it is not an option available to most, many adult criminal records are able to be sealed or “expunged.” Expungement means that records are either destroyed, erased, or sealed so that arrests and convictions are no longer part of a public record. When records or sealed or expunged, that means you are able to declare “no” when you are asked if you have a criminal history.

Domestic Violence in California

Domestic violence continues to place itself high on the list of hot topics in the national conversation. Professional sports figures contribute many high profile stories for the public and the media to put under the microscope, but every day, ordinary citizens are involved in cases that are much more emblematic of the everyday violence committed against domestic partners. Some victims go almost unnoticed, while other victims of the violence pay the ultimate price. Meanwhile, public officials charged with the responsibility for enforcing the existing domestic violence laws seem to go on with business as usual, seemingly overwhelmed by their daily exposure to all the violence and oblivious to people’s fundamental lack of respect towards those closest to them.

Murder, The Ultimate Price of Domestic Violence

When a woman is murdered by her husband, suddenly a community’s denial about the seriousness and the potential deadliness of domestic violence vanishes. Other women being battered realize they could be next, and often consider calling law enforcement or begin to seek restraining orders.

Sexual Assault Allegations Against Morgan Freemen

A total of sixteen women have stepped forward to accuse 80-year-old actor Morgan Freeman of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior.

Sixteen Women Accuse Morgan Freeman of Sexual Assault

Morgan Freeman allegedly harassed reporter Chloe Melas at a press junket, thus sparking off a long investigation into any potential other incidents. As a result of the investigation, sixteen separate women have stepped forward. Of those, eight women allege Freeman subjected them to inappropriate behavior. The other eight allege they witnessed the behavior.

Memorial Day DUI

9 DUI checkpoints around Los Angeles were slated for this past Memorial Day weekend. Did you receive a DUI charge at one of them?

DUI on Memorial Day

DUI allegations are not to be taken lightly. There are a number of things you will need to address if you were or accused of being under the influence while behind the wheel of a car.

Could You Be Guilty of a Hit and Run?

You are driving home one early morning when you lose control of the car and end up hitting a mailbox. Maybe you end up hitting another car. Rather than stop, you decide to leave the scene.

You’re Guilty of Hit and Run

Deciding to leave the scene means you can be charged with a hit and run offense. This offense can carry serious fines and potential jail time. Read on to learn more about hit and run offenses and why you need to take them seriously.

A Crackdown on Potential Money Launderers and Money Laundering

The US Treasury Department has started cracking down on buyers of high-end real estate in hopes of stopping money laundering. As a result, the federal government will now require real estate companies to disclose the names behind all-cash purchases made by shell companies.

Money Laundering and Real Estate

Over the past years the real estate industry has seen a boom – mainly fueled by wealthy, secretive buyers that have previously been able to be shielded by shell companies. The new initiative, being unveiled in Manhattan and Miami-Dade County, will now require companies to disclose the names behind the all-cash transactions. This initiative is part of a federal effort to increase awareness of the money laundering that seems to run rampant through the real estate industry under the guise of shell companies like limited liability companies (L.L.C.s), partnerships, and other entities. In addition to the shell companies, the investigation will also focus on those professionals that handle real estate business, including real estate agents, lawyers, bankers, and L.L.C. formation agents.

The Search for a Hit-and-Run Driver

A search is underway for a man suspected to have killed a man in Anaheim in a hit-and-run driving incident.

Hit-and-Run Driver in Anaheim Being Searched For

If you have ever hit a car, you know how stressful it can be. Depending on your financial situation if can be really scary to decide to pull over and take the blame for the accident.

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