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Modern America and Prescription Drugs

The Prescription Drug Epidemic

Illicit drugs have a long standing negative image in modern American culture. They are widely regarded as something only those on the fringes of society make use of, but certainly not consumed by upstanding citizens. But, as history has shown, America has long held the door open to the use of drugs by all ranks of our society.

The patent drugs of the 19th century openly contained and promoted the use of drugs like cocaine and morphine and were available without prescription at the corner drugstore. There was little or no social stigma attached to their use.

Two Dozen Arrested in Drug Smuggling Raids

Authorities recently arrested nearly two dozen people in a series of drug raids across Southern California. The arrests were linked to a widespread smuggling ring linked to Mexico’s notorious Sinaloa cartel.

Drug Smuggling Arrest Linked to Sinaloa Cartel

Twenty-two people were arrested in connection to a drug ring responsible for allegedly funneling hundreds of pounds of narcotics across the border. The cartel allegedly used small aircraft and vehicles with concealed compartments in order to get drugs to cities across the Mexico-U.S. border and distributed throughout the United States.

Handling Sexual Assault Charges on Campuses

The last few couple of years has seen an increase in reported on-campus sexual assault cases. These cases are often so hard to not only prove, but also to prosecute. Campuses are often unequipped to handle them, and often times victim’s are unsure on how to proceed.

College Campuses and Handling Sexual Assault Charges

College campuses are obviously known for not only education, but partying. When two college students have drunken sex, it’s always a recipe for potential regrets and lasting consequences. Was it actually consenting in the moment? How much is actually remembered as a result of drugs or alcohol? And clearly remembered? Were there witnesses? Are they reliable witnesses? And also, who should investigate when these encounters lead to allegations of sexual assault?

President Trump’s Star Vandalized

President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame was vandalized this past week. A man is being held for felony vandalism.

Star of Donald Trump Vandalized Again

24-year-old Austin Clay has been arrested and held for investigation of felony vandalism for allegedly vandalizing President Trump’s star on the Walk of fame. The vandalism was reported early in the morning after someone found a pickax at the scene.

The Evolution of Organized Crime in America

Organized crime has played a fabled part in 20th century American history. Television and movies have done much to bring the story of organized crime into the nation’s consciousness. Those who remember the dawn of the television era may recall Senator Estes Kefauver and his “Special Committee to Investigate Crime in Interstate Commerce” heatedly questioning notorious mobsters who appeared before the committee in the early 50’s.


After 11 Years in Prison Maria Mendez Conviction Is Overturned

Maria Mendez was a mix of emotion when her verdict was overturned. The great grandmother had just served 11 years in California state prison for a crime that she did not commit.

Conviction Overturned After 11 Years in Prison

Mendez was accused 11 years prior of killing her grandson, Emmanuel. The boy had died after experiencing massive brain swelling. During the original trial, a doctor and coroner testified that his injuries were consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

DUI on The Fourth of July

Many people decide to celebrate the Fourth of July with a few drinks. But if you decide to get in your car after those few drinks, you’ll want to know your rights if you get pulled over.

Fourth of July DUI

DUI allegations are not to be taken lightly. There are a number of things you will need to address if you were or accused of being under the influence while behind the wheel of a car.

DNA Evidence and Dropping Charges

Criminal charges can be dropped for any number of reasons. Below we discuss who can drop charges and the reasons behind why charges can be dropped, including DNA evidence and if evidence was obtained without a warrant.

Reasons for Dropping Charges

Dropping charges against a defendant can happen for any number of reasons. Before we jump into those reasons, let’s discuss who can and cannot drop charges.

DUI Testing for Marijuana

When the new pot laws went into effect on January 1, 2018, there were a lot of questions – namely, how would police enforce driving under the influence of marijuana. The truth is, there is currently not a 100% accurate way of testing if someone is currently (meaning in that exact moment) under the influence of marijuana.

No 100% Accurate Way of Testing for Marijuana DUI

When a person is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol, police officers typically subject her or him to a Breathalyzer test. But there is no “Breathalyzer” for marijuana impairment.

Expunge a Criminal Record

If you have been living through the consequences of committing a crime, and are wondering how you will ever be able to move forward, you’ll want to know what steps are required to expunge your criminal record. As always, it’s advised that you work with a criminal defense attorney that can advise you on your specific situation.

How to Expunge a Criminal Record

While it is not an option available to most, many adult criminal records are able to be sealed or “expunged.” Expungement means that records are either destroyed, erased, or sealed so that arrests and convictions are no longer part of a public record. When records or sealed or expunged, that means you are able to declare “no” when you are asked if you have a criminal history.

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