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Sexual Assault Drugs Theft On Cruise Ships

Cruise Ship Criminal Charge

Our Los Angeles cruise ship criminal defense attorneys are available for immediate consultation in connection with any cruise ship criminal charges, including:

The Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman represents people charged with criminal matters such as these on cruise ships arriving at, or departing from, the Port of Los Angeles, the Port of Long Beach and other ports of entry. Regardless of whether alleged incidents happened in U.S. waters or international waters, our California criminal defense law firm will set about defending you as aggressively as if incidents occurred on dry land.

We are prepared to undertake a detailed investigation as we mount a zealous defense on your behalf. You may have been a crew member, an entertainer, a leader or a guest. We have abundant experience handling high-stakes criminal matters, including cruise ship criminal charges.

Sexual Assault Charges on a Cruise Ship

Does your accuser have credibility? Is there DNA evidence? Was the alleged sexual assault a matter of he said-she said? Is it a case of mistaken identity? Was contact consensual until after some dispute? Did accusations come after the fact — only after a disruption in a romantic relationship? These and similar questions are likely to figure into a detailed investigation aimed at proving evidence against you is inadequate or misleading in a rape case on a cruise ship.

Drug Charges on a Cruise Ship

Whether you were charged with trafficking or simply possession of banned substances, you should insist on a vigorous defense of your constitutional rights at every stage of your criminal case. Were you charged with possession of marijuana, distribution of or other prescription medications to unauthorized consumers or smuggling of cocaine or heroin on a cruise ship? Enlist the counsel of a defense attorney with ample experience handling cruise ship cases as well as drug crime defense.

Theft Charges on a Cruise Ship

Were you charged with theft after someone’s lost jewelry turned up in your possession? Were you charged with credit card fraud in connection with a financial transaction? Remember that to convict you, the prosecution must prove your identity and all other alleged facts.

Speak to One of Our Los Angeles Cruise Ship Criminal Defense Attorneys Today

If you have been accused of sexual assault, a drug offense, a theft offense or any other criminal offense on a cruise ship, you need an attorney with specific experience in this type of case. Do not hesitate to contact us online or call us in Los Angeles at 213-514-8324 or 213-514-8324 for a free initial consultation with a lawyer.


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