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Criminal Defense Lawyer For Your Teen

If you have a teen, you might want to consider at least knowing of a good criminal defense lawyer. Sounds a little crazy, right? Here’s why it might not be.

It’s hard to believe that your little angel could be responsible for a crime, but regardless of how hard you’ve tried to raise them well, kids will always get into trouble. Usually it’s nothing to worry about – maybe problems with Algebra, or talking during class. But when that trouble turns into bigger problems, and it does happen, you’ll want to be prepared.

Lasting Impact of DUI Charges

As Aldon Smith can attest, DUI charges can have a lasting impact on your life.

Aldon Smith Arrested for DUI

The San Francisco 49ers linebacker was recently arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (“DUI”), vandalism, and hit and run.

The Allegations Against Bill Cosby

While it may be clear that Bill Cosby’s career is over – live performances have been cancelled by numerous venues, in addition to NBC pulling the plug on a proposed series starring the comedian – what’s unclear is if he will face charges.

Will Cosby Face Charges for Allegations?

Just under a year ago, in November 2014, Cosby’s attorney, Martin Singer, called the claims made by accusers, “past the point of absurdity.”

Fighting False Rape Allegations

Last December, a woman using the name “Joanie Faircloth” wrote in the comments section of websitexoJane that she was raped by singer-songwriter Conor Oberst when she was just a teenager. Word spread, Oberst denied the claims and brought a libel suit against the woman when she refused to retract the words she had posted. That July, “Faircloth” admitted that she had lied and made up the story just to get attention. But rather than taking Oberst’s side, some attacked him for taking legal action to defend himself against the accuser for what could have been a career-damaging charge.

False Rape Allegations

False accusations of rape have recently become a hot-topic button in the nation. In Oberst’s case Chris Ostendorf of the Daily Dot, argued that Oberst’s actions could intimidate real victims of rape from coming forward, and that the taking of the lawsuit promoted the idea of men as often being falsely accused, despite the fact that Obersts was falsely accused.
There is a fine line we are walking as a society – do we “believe victims en masse,” as Jessica Valenti urges us to do? Or is that even more dangerous than questioning all those that come forward with rape allegations? Aren’t both sides damaging innocent lives?

The Case for Decriminalizing Drugs

The United States is just coming to the realization that treating illicit drugs as purely a criminal matter has limited effectiveness in dealing with the problem, that it costs our government untold millions, and has led to one of the largest prison populations in the world. For all of the time, money, and effort the nation has expended to eliminate drug use, trafficking and the many other undesirable consequences, we find ourselves almost 50 years into the effort with little to show for it. Symbolic of the official attitude toward drugs is the federal government’s War on Drugs.

The War on Drugs

Prop 47 and Decreasing Participation in Diversion Programs

The Decreasing Participation in Drug Diversion Programs

A story relayed a few months ago in the newspaper provided interesting insight into just how the controversial Prop 47 had changed day-to-day procedures within the LAPD. As many will remember, Proposition 47 turned certain felonies, like drug possession, into misdemeanors, with the corresponding promise that dollars saved on locking up drug users would be put into treatment.

Two officers had detained a homeless man who had set up a rough encampment under a freeway underpass. While one officer carefully watched the handcuffed man, the other officer gingerly rummaged under a grimy mattress, presumably the homeless man’s sleeping accommodations. This search yielded two needles and a glass pipe with a small amount of methamphetamine inside. Prior to Prop 47, the homeless man would have been hauled off to jail to face a felony charge.

The Differences between Arrest, Bench, and Search Warrants

There are three types of warrants that can be issued against you in California: an arrest warrant, bench warrant, and search warrant. While they have some similarities, they are used for different reasons.

In California, arrest, bench, and search warrants are court orders issued by a court or judge.

Drug Use and Prisons: A Crisis in the Making

Drugs have been for years a part of the national dialogue in all sectors of American culture – political, social, and, most noticeably, in popular culture. It seems that a sizeable segment of the population has a desire to get high, and a cursory look at history hints that this has long been the case. Drugs have probably been used by people for almost as long as there have been people. Many currently illegal drugs, such as marijuana, opium, coca, and psychedelics have been used for thousands of years for both medical and spiritual purposes. If the use of drugs is such an innate and enduring part of human culture, why is it viewed as criminal behavior worthy of the expenditure of huge amounts of our society’s resources (economic, political, social, etc.)?

Any number of answers to this question may have at least some basis in reality. One answer is supported in large measure by the visible facts, but is not based on any scientific assessment of the relative risks of these drugs. This answer has everything to do with who is associated with certain drugs. In other words, it’s the people who have been associated with drug use that makes drug use worthy of our best efforts to criminalize drug use.

Modern America and Prescription Drugs

The Prescription Drug Epidemic

Illicit drugs have a long standing negative image in modern American culture. They are widely regarded as something only those on the fringes of society make use of, but certainly not consumed by upstanding citizens. But, as history has shown, America has long held the door open to the use of drugs by all ranks of our society.

The patent drugs of the 19th century openly contained and promoted the use of drugs like cocaine and morphine and were available without prescription at the corner drugstore. There was little or no social stigma attached to their use.

The Evolution of Organized Crime in America

Organized crime has played a fabled part in 20th century American history. Television and movies have done much to bring the story of organized crime into the nation’s consciousness. Those who remember the dawn of the television era may recall Senator Estes Kefauver and his “Special Committee to Investigate Crime in Interstate Commerce” heatedly questioning notorious mobsters who appeared before the committee in the early 50’s.


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