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Vanderbilt Football Player Convicted of Rape Sex Crimes

Former Vanderbilt football player, Brandon Vandenburg, has been convicted by a jury of encouraging his teammates to rape an unconscious woman he had been dating.

Vanderbilt Football Player Convicted of Aggravated Rape

Just after four hours of deliberation, a jury convicted Vandenburg, 23, guilty on five counts of aggravated rape, two counts of aggravated sexual battery, and one count of unlawful photography.

Expunge a Criminal Record

If you have been living through the consequences of committing a crime, and are wondering how you will ever be able to move forward, you’ll want to know what steps are required to expunge your criminal record. As always, it’s advised that you work with a criminal defense attorney that can advise you on your specific situation.

How to Expunge a Criminal Record

While it is not an option available to most, many adult criminal records are able to be sealed or “expunged.” Expungement means that records are either destroyed, erased, or sealed so that arrests and convictions are no longer part of a public record. When records or sealed or expunged, that means you are able to declare “no” when you are asked if you have a criminal history.

Domestic Violence in California

Domestic violence continues to place itself high on the list of hot topics in the national conversation. Professional sports figures contribute many high profile stories for the public and the media to put under the microscope, but every day, ordinary citizens are involved in cases that are much more emblematic of the everyday violence committed against domestic partners. Some victims go almost unnoticed, while other victims of the violence pay the ultimate price. Meanwhile, public officials charged with the responsibility for enforcing the existing domestic violence laws seem to go on with business as usual, seemingly overwhelmed by their daily exposure to all the violence and oblivious to people’s fundamental lack of respect towards those closest to them.

Murder, The Ultimate Price of Domestic Violence

When a woman is murdered by her husband, suddenly a community’s denial about the seriousness and the potential deadliness of domestic violence vanishes. Other women being battered realize they could be next, and often consider calling law enforcement or begin to seek restraining orders.

Could You Be Guilty of a Hit and Run?

You are driving home one early morning when you lose control of the car and end up hitting a mailbox. Maybe you end up hitting another car. Rather than stop, you decide to leave the scene.

You’re Guilty of Hit and Run

Deciding to leave the scene means you can be charged with a hit and run offense. This offense can carry serious fines and potential jail time. Read on to learn more about hit and run offenses and why you need to take them seriously.

Bill Cosby to Stand Trial for Sexual Assault

In January, Bill Cosby was officially charged with aggravated indecent assault for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting a woman 12 years ago. They were the first criminal charges that have been brought against the comedian, despite the fact that numerous women have come out over the last few years with similar allegations. And now it appears that a Pennsylvania judge has decided the case will go to trial.

Cosby to Face Criminal Charges for Sexual Assault

While no trial date has been set, a judge has determined that there is enough evidence to proceed with a criminal trial against the 78-year-old comedian for assault.

Reentry Week for Ex-Offenders

Across the nation, April 24 to 30th marked National Reentry Week, a week dedicated to helping ex-offenders re-enter the world outside of prison.

Ex-Offenders Have Their Reentry Week

Activities geared towards connecting ex-offenders with housing, legal aid, and community-based sources were planned across all 50 states.

Fighting False Rape Allegations

Last December, a woman using the name “Joanie Faircloth” wrote in the comments section of websitexoJane that she was raped by singer-songwriter Conor Oberst when she was just a teenager. Word spread, Oberst denied the claims and brought a libel suit against the woman when she refused to retract the words she had posted. That July, “Faircloth” admitted that she had lied and made up the story just to get attention. But rather than taking Oberst’s side, some attacked him for taking legal action to defend himself against the accuser for what could have been a career-damaging charge.

False Rape Allegations

False accusations of rape have recently become a hot-topic button in the nation. In Oberst’s case Chris Ostendorf of the Daily Dot, argued that Oberst’s actions could intimidate real victims of rape from coming forward, and that the taking of the lawsuit promoted the idea of men as often being falsely accused, despite the fact that Obersts was falsely accused.
There is a fine line we are walking as a society – do we “believe victims en masse,” as Jessica Valenti urges us to do? Or is that even more dangerous than questioning all those that come forward with rape allegations? Aren’t both sides damaging innocent lives?

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Charged for Son’s DUI

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were recently involved in a lawsuit for a rear-end collision. The thing is – they weren’t directly involved in the collision. But their 25-year-old son was, for alleged DUI.

Actor Tom Hanks and Wife Rita Wilson Were Charged for Son’s DUI

Plaintiff Terry Moogan has filed court papers against Hanks on Wilson for what he alleges to be negligence in allowing their son, Chet Hanks, to drive their car while he was “under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol” during the February 25th car accident.

Human Trafficking Case in San Francisco

According to prosecutors in California, James Joseph Jr. and Avisa Lavassani have been indicted by a grand jury on charges that they led a 14-year sex and human trafficking operation that spanned many states. The sex-trafficking ring was centered in San Ramon and Danville, California.

The Case of Human Trafficking in San Francisco

Joseph Jr. and Lavassani were each charged with conspiracy to commit human trafficking, human trafficking, kidnap for rape, kidnap for extortion and rape. Third defendant, Anthony Reynolds, was indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit human trafficking and human trafficking.

Coachella Weekend – Big Business for Bail Bond Companies

The Indio Valley branch of Aladdin Bail Bonds is busy this month. Why the uptick in business? The Coachella Music Festival. The festival’s two three-day weekend events often lead to a number of people in need of bail bonds to get them out of jail, according to manager Alma Santana.

Coachella Weekend Boon for Bail Bond Companies

Because of the increased need for bail bonds, Aladdin has rented a local woman’s lawn right across from the festival to advertise and show festival-goers that there’s a way out of jail should they get in trouble with the law.

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